Time to tell a feckin story

Feckin Story Time

Its cold outside but I have to head for Slough its dry considering the time of year. We have just landed a 4m contract to supply desk-tops with word processing to a Nuclear facility on the banks of the River Seven. Quite a magic contract the computers will be delivered set up in the facility to see out the closing down of the power station. They will be buried along side everything else and turned back in to a green field site they will never see the light of day. It was a strange site incredible clean and tidy but you felt dirty after leaving it. The sounds a constant hum like a heart with no beat but constantly working. Its dark must get moving M5 junction 21 up to Almonds-bury inter change take the M4 to Junction 6 and the office, Sierra Sapphire Cosworth engine early start can do it hour 45 minutes providing the boys in blue are still in bed.

Bye bye sweets see ya kids will be back later.

Neil Young Freedom playing not a care in the world money in the bank some in the pocket great bonus for Toms sale coming in time for Christmas 1991. Xios had a policy of the top sales guys got the top support team that was us. We had choice accounts BBC Television and Radio, Westminster City Council, Bristol City council, Restormel district council. To speak of just a few.

We had worked out or should I say got hold of all the committee dates for all the councils we sold kit into from desk top computers, printers, printing supply’s and so on. Displayed on the wall of my office only myself Tom and the team new what these coded dates on the map of the year meant.  As well as the committee dates we also new each person who was not just the holder of the budgets but who had the sign off seeing that most of the money was public money. That information for us was priceless. It was then mine and the teams job to make sure they got what they wanted, use your imagination it was late 80′s.

Queens “I want all I want now” was the motto. We loved it nobody could catch us we had top sales for the last three years and the trappings that went with top sales in the late 80′s early 90′s. Ten days all expenses paid to Tenerife Hotel Mediterranean Sierra Sapphire top bonuses we enjoyed every hour of the work.

To be continued:

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