Start-Ups need these elements to get the business going.

1. Idea  / product / service

This shows what start-ups need in place
your business

For Start-Ups the idea is some what of a mystery. The next best thing I have not seen anything like it on the market. All sends out the wrong message to those that can help.

If you have not seen it then you have not looked properly every thing is a variation on a theme and the theme is how do you make money.

The idea you have should fit an existing market and be that variation on the theme of making money.  You should research in minute detail how your variation can grab its part of the existing market.

I have had it said to me s thousand times its not on the market nobody else is doing it.  remember this ends out the single that you have not researched it correctly.

Start-Ups Idea’s

Some of the idea’s that have made it.

Food & food related

  • Organic Supplies
  • Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Specialist Supplies Gluten free – New wines – Chocolate Ingredients
  • Chocolate shops Cakes sweets
  • Single food shops Crepes – Pies – Fruit Drinks – Coffee Shops

Technology 3 area’s

1. Value add services to Mobile

  • Stand alone mobile apps
  • Add on to existing services
  • Games
  • Target marketing (The biggie)

2. Physical hardware

  • Desktop make office easier products mini PBX machines
  • RFID products auto tracking – stock control
  • Medical implements theatre tools
  • mini it control systems

3. Software

  • Current flavour of the month government policy driven software products
    • Carbon foot-printing
    • Financial modelling
    • Legislation tracking web sites
  • Social Media (The current .com type bubble that will burst)
    • On-line marketing tools
    • On-line tracking tools
    • almost anything attached to twitter / facebook
    • Like Mobiles on-line target marketing

Odds and sods Theses are scalable but require large scale funding at early stage

  • Product niche – medical – Language – heavy duty IT supplies
  • Large scale aerospace communications
  • Corporate IT products reducing overall cost power consumption or support costs
  • Energy of any kind from Wind power to project control systems

2. Market

This is the easy part. Just go out and talk to potential customers. Don’t try and sell just ask  would you use this product or service. If every body says no then you have a problem.

Don’t ask family or friends they will only tell you what you want to hear.

A simple survey sent out to whom you perceive as to who your customers are will begin to build a picture for you.

Get help at this stage because identification of your real market can save you time and heart ache.

3. Team

I have written yards on how to build the team look it up. But with out a stable supportive well informed team you aint going nowhere

4. Money

You cant survive with out it. so plan carefully. Understand cash flows do a budget for yourself. have a business plan one pager or full blown 25 pager about the business to hand. You will be asked for it.

5. Backing

Regardless of the stories and myths you hear about the agencies its not true, talk to the agencies they will help. Have a clear picture in your head of what it is you are doing. then you can pass that picture on.



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