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The Power Game announced for Windows Surface, 8 & Phone

Ireland’s most successful board game –  with 4,000,000 sold in the 70’s – gets a digital reboot on Windows 8 devices

Thurles, Tipperary – Monday 9th September 2013 – Atom Split Games, Brian McCarthy Games and Scraggly Dog Games are proud to announce “The Power Game”, a reboot of the popular strategy board game. After selling over 4 million units worldwide during the 1970’s, including over 1,000,000 copies in the Netherlands, the classic two-player strategy game will be available soon in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hindi and Chinese on the Windows 8 Store for Surface, PC and Phone.

The game’s premise is simple to learn, but hard to master. A turn-based strategy game, it features two rows of eight opposing cogs. Players must move their cogs around the board in an effort to turn their opponents master gear clockwise, while using their opponents cogs against them.

The Power Game features three game modes – a single player mode against the AI, a two-player mode, and an online multiplayer mode. Available as an ad supported app, or a paid app, the game features micro-transactions to allow players to earn or purchase additional backgrounds, cogs and master gears to personalise their experience. However, the game is one of the first to feature a “shock-proof” microtransactions model, allowing players to buy a one off purchase to disable additional purchases, and give unlimited bolts. This family-friendly model gives parents a way to avoid bill-shock situations, sometimes seen in other games.

Speaking at the launch of the game, Brian McCarthy, the game’s inventor, said “I am delighted to be working with Atom Split Games to  bring The Power Game back to life on Windows devices. I feel it’s popular gameplay will still resonate with players 40 years on”. He also said “The digital game is actually a better experience to play than the static game I invented all those years ago.”

Atom Split Games CEO James Daly said “We are delighted that after six months, we have a faithful representation of Brian’s gameplay, and we hope that players have a lot of fun with our game.” Michael Meagher, Microsoft Ireland congratulated the team on the relaunch of The Power Game. “I have spoken to many people who remember the board game version of The Power Game. It’s great to see an old favourite being updated for today’s generation. I’m looking forward to  downloading the app and playing the game.”

The Power Game is coming soon to Windows 8, Surface & Phone, and you can find more information about the game at , or You can also check out the game’s trailer at and watch the first of a series of developer blogs at .

About Atom Split Games

Atom Split Games was founded in May 2012 following a discussion between LIT Tipperary students James Daly, Michael Murphy, Martell Malone and David Kelly.  The company then entered the LIT 50k competition and won a place. They were subsequently offered a place on the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme. Following this an office was established in the new Thurles Community Enterprise Centre on the LIT Tipperary campus. The company from the outset decided to be platform agnostic and develop all mobile platforms. Find out more at

About Brian McCarthy Games

Brian McCarthy is one of Ireland’s most successful game designers, selling over 10 million units across a portfolio of games in the 1970’s including The Power Game, Pivot, the Z game, Tank Commander and others. After returning to Ireland after decades working in an economic development role, he is now rebooting some of his games for modern games platforms.  You can reach him on Twitter at @BrianMaccarthy

About Scraggly Dog Games

Scraggly Dog Games is a games publishing services company working exclusively with Irish developers to help bring their games to market. Founded by games industry veteran Jamie McCormick, who has worked with companies including Xbox Live Gaming Centre, Demonware, Jolt Online and Gala Networks Europe, the team also includes founder members from Blizzard Entertainment and Goa Games. Find out more at

Contact details:

For media enquiries and interview requests with Atom Split Games or Brian McCarthy, please contact

 Michael Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Atom Split Games Ltd

Thurles Enterprise Centre,

LIT Tipperary

Nenagh Road,


Tel: 0504 49160

Mobile: 083 1405933

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