Time to tell a feckin story

Feckin Story Time

Its cold outside but I have to head for Slough its dry considering the time of year. We have just landed a 4m contract to supply desk-tops with word processing to a Nuclear facility on the banks of the River Seven. Quite a magic contract the computers will be delivered set up in the facility to see out the closing down of the power station. They will be buried along side everything else and turned back in to a green field site they will never see the light of day. It was a strange site incredible clean and tidy but you felt dirty after leaving it. The sounds a constant hum like a heart with no beat but constantly working. Its dark must get moving M5 junction 21 up to Almonds-bury inter change take the M4 to Junction 6 and the office, Sierra Sapphire Cosworth engine early start can do it hour 45 minutes providing the boys in blue are still in bed.

Bye bye sweets see ya kids will be back later.

Neil Young Freedom playing not a care in the world money in the bank some in the pocket great bonus for Toms sale coming in time for Christmas 1991. Xios had a policy of the top sales guys got the top support team that was us. We had choice accounts BBC Television and Radio, Westminster City Council, Bristol City council, Restormel district council. To speak of just a few.

We had worked out or should I say got hold of all the committee dates for all the councils we sold kit into from desk top computers, printers, printing supply’s and so on. Displayed on the wall of my office only myself Tom and the team new what these coded dates on the map of the year meant.  As well as the committee dates we also new each person who was not just the holder of the budgets but who had the sign off seeing that most of the money was public money. That information for us was priceless. It was then mine and the teams job to make sure they got what they wanted, use your imagination it was late 80′s.

Queens “I want all I want now” was the motto. We loved it nobody could catch us we had top sales for the last three years and the trappings that went with top sales in the late 80′s early 90′s. Ten days all expenses paid to Tenerife Hotel Mediterranean Sierra Sapphire top bonuses we enjoyed every hour of the work.

To be continued:

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2013 Web Summit

Web Summit 2013 opens tomorrow with NASDAQ bell ringing

10,000 attendees from over 90 countries expected to attend Europe’s largest festival of ideas and events at Dublin’s RDS with the NASDAQ to open from Ireland for the first time tomorrow. Tuesday 29th October: Tomorrow (Wednesday 30th October) marks the opening of the fourth Web Summit at the RDS. A record total of 10,000 attendees from Ireland and…

Infographic: Web Summit 2013

We worked with Visual.ly to create this data visualisation of the Web Summit’s growth over the past four years. This year the Web Summit will be welcoming 9834 attendees from 97 countries around the world. That’s more than double the number of people who attended last year’s event, making the Web Summit twenty times bigger than what…

Surprise: Elon Musk Is Speaking

We might have hit our 10,000th attendee and announced our 299th speaker two weeks ago, but we always like to keep a little something for last. In this case it’s Elon Musk. Elon will take to the stage at the Summit for a fireside discussion with Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny (the PM in Ireland…

Announcing thesummit.me: an MVP networking experiment

The team behind the Summit are slowly helping to reshape the world of conference and event technology. Many of the world’s leading developer and software conferences have switched to Tito.io in the last 6 months, about 250 thus far, including JSConf, Ruby Conf, Brooklyn Beta and many others. That trend is a precursor to wider adoption. Tito was built…

Welcome to The Peak: your inside track on The Summit 2013

We’re excited to announce The Peak, a web and print news service dedicated to bringing you the best stories from the Web Summit show floor, fringe events and the Night Summit. Edited by Mic Wright, the Daily Telegraph’s Chief Tech Blogger, The Peak will be staffed by a team of some of Ireland’s most promising young journalists…

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ITLG Global Technology Leaders Summit, 2014

ITLG Global Technology Leaders Summit, 2014

Limerick, the national City of Culture 2014 is delighted to announce that it will host the annual Irish ITLG summit on the 27th & 28th January 2014. The vibrant region of Limerick City and County with a population of 400,000 is within a 20 minute drive of Shannon International Airport with up to 5 daily direct flights from the US.

Limerick, as Ireland’s third largest city, is home to many of the leading US multinationals across ICT, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and financial services serving international markets.

Limerick is gaining increasing recognition as an attractive and cost effective location in which to invest. A number of enterprise incubation centres in Limerick are linked closely to the higher education institutions and support high-end technology companies with an export focus.

Limerick, home to the Munster Rugby Team, has a great sporting tradition and was designated European City of Sport in 2011.

Conference topics to include:

  • Creative Technologies
  • Disruptive new technology
  • Investment opportunities
  • Enterprise showcase and awards

See Video here

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Lean Business Start-Up

Lean Business Start-Up

In this much talked about Lean Business Start-Up It has come to my notice that more and more of the so called stars of the Internet blogging world, gurus on Lean Business Star-Up Its the greatest method since slicing the bread and is what you must do.  Just to put up a diagram for the harden entrepreneurs among you fig1.

Eric Ries I love your ideas great book but we have to go back to basics challenge the knowledge of the wannabe entrepreneurs  begin with the fundamentals. Do these young business people actually know and understand what a Value Proposition is, do they know how to go out and ask the questions of potential customers, do they know the questions to actually ask potential customers

lean Fig 1

Fig 1 example of a Lean Start-up

It seems to me a whole industry is growing around the new business Start-Up which is not advantages to the new start-ups.  Books diagrams training sessions Webinars Seminars all costing money and valuable time when an entrepreneur should be spending time as a Funder get his/her show on the road.

For any start-up in any world, segment, area of expertise should be understanding the fundamentals

Who is the customer ?

Having identified the real customer

Find the pain problem call it what you will the sweet spot that will make them buy from you.

Having identified that sweet spot talk to them ask the question

If I can solve that pain will you buy from me ?

All the time they should challenge the idea by talking to the potential buyers of the service or product. Not developing the product wasting time designing. When and only when the customer has been identified clarified pigeon hold them you might only might have a business.

Using the jargon Value Propositions example fig2 can be worked on market research can be re-enforced you can begin to build your business.

value propositionFig 2

Fig 2 Generic Value Proposition

To me its very simple do the fundamental work like identifying the customer asking the questions identifying the sweet spot know the rules apply them to your idea and it works. Every thing else is what I call business mechanics.

I am beginning to have a real problem with the so called support industry selling the notion the if you follow these method of that method rehashed from 5 years ago using the modern internet lingo that you will make a fortune. Not so!!!

1 Identify the customer

2 identify the problem  based on you perceived business idea

3. As the customer if I solve it will you buy it.

boom you might have a business.


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