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This is XoE, a little virtual pet robot.

Please let me know if you like it, and definitely feel free to flag any bugs you may come across, as my test environment is limited and I want to make this the next generation of virtual pet that works on most devices. I also want it to be a game you want to come back to!

I will be updating and adding content (including new XOE types) all of the time in order to improve and enhance it.


Will grow up through 4 life stages, over the course of 10 days.
Will die, from old age or neglect… (However an infinite play mode is on the cards!)
Has simulated Emotion and desires, favourite colours, toys etc.
Can be upgraded, if you wish you can buy upgrade components.
Can be customized and modified, there are a great many combinations of mods and decorations.
Is run on batteries.
Can get lonely…
Can be serviced…
Has secret animations that can be unlocked.
Is ticklish (but don’t tickle it for too long…)
Comes with some arcade games in order to earn currency for the store.
And probably does some other things I forget about…
Ability to post to Facebook coming with next update.

I am a solo developer/artist and this is a project that has been cobbled together in my spare time outside of work and family commitments, so whilst it may take me longer, I will get to things eventually, and hope to see XOE grow indefinitely, and also port it.

There are currently 5 main XOE types in development, with 18 sub types, but only one included in this release, the “SynthFace”, if all goes well I aim to have at least 2 of the others released this year. So for the time being you will not be rewarded with a rarer XOE for good behaviour. :( but it won’t be long coming.

Also, I probably need to do some serious balancing and optimization when it comes to how many coins you earn from games, how much stuff costs, how easy to maintain the XOE is. Your feedback will be invaluable to me in getting this spot on.

So, that’s it for now, thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy.

Look after your XOE!

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