Android Apps Look after your XOE


This is XoE, a little virtual pet robot.

Please let me know if you like it, and definitely feel free to flag any bugs you may come across, as my test environment is limited and I want to make this the next generation of virtual pet that works on most devices. I also want it to be a game you want to come back to!

I will be updating and adding content (including new XOE types) all of the time in order to improve and enhance it.


Will grow up through 4 life stages, over the course of 10 days.
Will die, from old age or neglect… (However an infinite play mode is on the cards!)
Has simulated Emotion and desires, favourite colours, toys etc.
Can be upgraded, if you wish you can buy upgrade components.
Can be customized and modified, there are a great many combinations of mods and decorations.
Is run on batteries.
Can get lonely…
Can be serviced…
Has secret animations that can be unlocked.
Is ticklish (but don’t tickle it for too long…)
Comes with some arcade games in order to earn currency for the store.
And probably does some other things I forget about…
Ability to post to Facebook coming with next update.

I am a solo developer/artist and this is a project that has been cobbled together in my spare time outside of work and family commitments, so whilst it may take me longer, I will get to things eventually, and hope to see XOE grow indefinitely, and also port it.

There are currently 5 main XOE types in development, with 18 sub types, but only one included in this release, the “SynthFace”, if all goes well I aim to have at least 2 of the others released this year. So for the time being you will not be rewarded with a rarer XOE for good behaviour. :( but it won’t be long coming.

Also, I probably need to do some serious balancing and optimization when it comes to how many coins you earn from games, how much stuff costs, how easy to maintain the XOE is. Your feedback will be invaluable to me in getting this spot on.

So, that’s it for now, thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy.

Look after your XOE!

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Time to tell a feckin story

Feckin Story Time

Its cold outside but I have to head for Slough its dry considering the time of year. We have just landed a 4m contract to supply desk-tops with word processing to a Nuclear facility on the banks of the River Seven. Quite a magic contract the computers will be delivered set up in the facility to see out the closing down of the power station. They will be buried along side everything else and turned back in to a green field site they will never see the light of day. It was a strange site incredible clean and tidy but you felt dirty after leaving it. The sounds a constant hum like a heart with no beat but constantly working. Its dark must get moving M5 junction 21 up to Almonds-bury inter change take the M4 to Junction 6 and the office, Sierra Sapphire Cosworth engine early start can do it hour 45 minutes providing the boys in blue are still in bed.

Bye bye sweets see ya kids will be back later.

Neil Young Freedom playing not a care in the world money in the bank some in the pocket great bonus for Toms sale coming in time for Christmas 1991. Xios had a policy of the top sales guys got the top support team that was us. We had choice accounts BBC Television and Radio, Westminster City Council, Bristol City council, Restormel district council. To speak of just a few.

We had worked out or should I say got hold of all the committee dates for all the councils we sold kit into from desk top computers, printers, printing supply’s and so on. Displayed on the wall of my office only myself Tom and the team new what these coded dates on the map of the year meant.  As well as the committee dates we also new each person who was not just the holder of the budgets but who had the sign off seeing that most of the money was public money. That information for us was priceless. It was then mine and the teams job to make sure they got what they wanted, use your imagination it was late 80′s.

Queens “I want all I want now” was the motto. We loved it nobody could catch us we had top sales for the last three years and the trappings that went with top sales in the late 80′s early 90′s. Ten days all expenses paid to Tenerife Hotel Mediterranean Sierra Sapphire top bonuses we enjoyed every hour of the work.

To be continued:

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2013 Web Summit

Web Summit 2013 opens tomorrow with NASDAQ bell ringing

10,000 attendees from over 90 countries expected to attend Europe’s largest festival of ideas and events at Dublin’s RDS with the NASDAQ to open from Ireland for the first time tomorrow. Tuesday 29th October: Tomorrow (Wednesday 30th October) marks the opening of the fourth Web Summit at the RDS. A record total of 10,000 attendees from Ireland and…

Infographic: Web Summit 2013

We worked with to create this data visualisation of the Web Summit’s growth over the past four years. This year the Web Summit will be welcoming 9834 attendees from 97 countries around the world. That’s more than double the number of people who attended last year’s event, making the Web Summit twenty times bigger than what…

Surprise: Elon Musk Is Speaking

We might have hit our 10,000th attendee and announced our 299th speaker two weeks ago, but we always like to keep a little something for last. In this case it’s Elon Musk. Elon will take to the stage at the Summit for a fireside discussion with Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny (the PM in Ireland…

Announcing an MVP networking experiment

The team behind the Summit are slowly helping to reshape the world of conference and event technology. Many of the world’s leading developer and software conferences have switched to in the last 6 months, about 250 thus far, including JSConf, Ruby Conf, Brooklyn Beta and many others. That trend is a precursor to wider adoption. Tito was built…

Welcome to The Peak: your inside track on The Summit 2013

We’re excited to announce The Peak, a web and print news service dedicated to bringing you the best stories from the Web Summit show floor, fringe events and the Night Summit. Edited by Mic Wright, the Daily Telegraph’s Chief Tech Blogger, The Peak will be staffed by a team of some of Ireland’s most promising young journalists…

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New Business Start-ups Progress

These are the latest updates from a couple New Start-ups.

The Power Game announced for Windows Surface, 8 & Phone

Ireland’s most successful board game –  with 4,000,000 sold in the 70’s – gets a digital reboot on Windows 8 devices

Thurles, Tipperary – Monday 9th September 2013 – Atom Split Games, Brian McCarthy Games and Scraggly Dog Games are proud to announce “The Power Game”, a reboot of the popular strategy board game. After selling over 4 million units worldwide during the 1970’s, including over 1,000,000 copies in the Netherlands, the classic two-player strategy game will be available soon in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hindi and Chinese on the Windows 8 Store for Surface, PC and Phone.

The game’s premise is simple to learn, but hard to master. A turn-based strategy game, it features two rows of eight opposing cogs. Players must move their cogs around the board in an effort to turn their opponents master gear clockwise, while using their opponents cogs against them.

The Power Game features three game modes – a single player mode against the AI, a two-player mode, and an online multiplayer mode. Available as an ad supported app, or a paid app, the game features micro-transactions to allow players to earn or purchase additional backgrounds, cogs and master gears to personalise their experience. However, the game is one of the first to feature a “shock-proof” microtransactions model, allowing players to buy a one off purchase to disable additional purchases, and give unlimited bolts. This family-friendly model gives parents a way to avoid bill-shock situations, sometimes seen in other games.

Speaking at the launch of the game, Brian McCarthy, the game’s inventor, said “I am delighted to be working with Atom Split Games to  bring The Power Game back to life on Windows devices. I feel it’s popular gameplay will still resonate with players 40 years on”. He also said “The digital game is actually a better experience to play than the static game I invented all those years ago.”

Atom Split Games CEO James Daly said “We are delighted that after six months, we have a faithful representation of Brian’s gameplay, and we hope that players have a lot of fun with our game.” Michael Meagher, Microsoft Ireland congratulated the team on the relaunch of The Power Game. “I have spoken to many people who remember the board game version of The Power Game. It’s great to see an old favourite being updated for today’s generation. I’m looking forward to  downloading the app and playing the game.”

The Power Game is coming soon to Windows 8, Surface & Phone, and you can find more information about the game at , or You can also check out the game’s trailer at and watch the first of a series of developer blogs at .

About Atom Split Games

Atom Split Games was founded in May 2012 following a discussion between LIT Tipperary students James Daly, Michael Murphy, Martell Malone and David Kelly.  The company then entered the LIT 50k competition and won a place. They were subsequently offered a place on the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme. Following this an office was established in the new Thurles Community Enterprise Centre on the LIT Tipperary campus. The company from the outset decided to be platform agnostic and develop all mobile platforms. Find out more at

About Brian McCarthy Games

Brian McCarthy is one of Ireland’s most successful game designers, selling over 10 million units across a portfolio of games in the 1970’s including The Power Game, Pivot, the Z game, Tank Commander and others. After returning to Ireland after decades working in an economic development role, he is now rebooting some of his games for modern games platforms.  You can reach him on Twitter at @BrianMaccarthy

About Scraggly Dog Games

Scraggly Dog Games is a games publishing services company working exclusively with Irish developers to help bring their games to market. Founded by games industry veteran Jamie McCormick, who has worked with companies including Xbox Live Gaming Centre, Demonware, Jolt Online and Gala Networks Europe, the team also includes founder members from Blizzard Entertainment and Goa Games. Find out more at

Contact details:

For media enquiries and interview requests with Atom Split Games or Brian McCarthy, please contact

 Michael Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Atom Split Games Ltd

Thurles Enterprise Centre,

LIT Tipperary

Nenagh Road,


Tel: 0504 49160

Mobile: 083 1405933

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ITLG Global Technology Leaders Summit, 2014

ITLG Global Technology Leaders Summit, 2014

Limerick, the national City of Culture 2014 is delighted to announce that it will host the annual Irish ITLG summit on the 27th & 28th January 2014. The vibrant region of Limerick City and County with a population of 400,000 is within a 20 minute drive of Shannon International Airport with up to 5 daily direct flights from the US.

Limerick, as Ireland’s third largest city, is home to many of the leading US multinationals across ICT, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and financial services serving international markets.

Limerick is gaining increasing recognition as an attractive and cost effective location in which to invest. A number of enterprise incubation centres in Limerick are linked closely to the higher education institutions and support high-end technology companies with an export focus.

Limerick, home to the Munster Rugby Team, has a great sporting tradition and was designated European City of Sport in 2011.

Conference topics to include:

  • Creative Technologies
  • Disruptive new technology
  • Investment opportunities
  • Enterprise showcase and awards

See Video here

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New Frontiers Limerick Tralee

LIT, UL, IT Tralee and Enterprise Ireland Collaborate to Support High Potential Start-up Companies


Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), the University of Limerick (UL), the Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT) and Enterprise Ireland are collaborating to offer funding and other support to Ireland’s most promising entrepreneurs through the New Frontiers programme.

The Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme is a tailor made 3 phase programme designed to support emerging entrepreneurs in their quest to establish themselves as high performance companies. The programme provides budding entrepreneurs with a package of supports including funding of €15,000, free office space, mentoring and workshops to help accelerate their business development. The aim is to equip participants with the skills and contacts they need to start and grow a company.

The programme is being led locally by LIT who has been supporting start-ups since 2007 at the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre and has helped create almost 100 companies resulting in over 400 jobs. The collaboration with IT Tralee and the University of Limerick will help in widening supports for entrepreneurs in the region.

21 entrepreneurs have been signed up to the competitive 2nd phase of the programme which runs until 2014. The participants have been provided with office space in the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre at LIT, the Tom Crean Centre at IT Tralee and the UL Nexus Centre.

Speaking about the programme Dr Maria Hinfelaar, President of LIT said, “LIT’s collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, the University of Limerick and IT Tralee will strengthen the range of supports that are offered to the rising entrepreneurial stars in the region and help boost job creation and secure the region as a centre of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“LIT’s unique Enterprise Ladder of centres and programmes offers support at the Hartnett Centre, The National Franchise Centre, Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre and Croom Community Enterprise Centre with the Clonmel Enterprise, Research and Training Centre and Irish Fashion Incubator Limerick in planning. LIT enterprise clients also have access to the Enterprise Ladder Fund (ELF), a €1m seed fund as well as access to an international network including supports in Silicon Valley”

Dr. Hinfelaar added “supporting the enterprise and incubation centres locally and delivering support programs that help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to turn them into successful companies is one of the most efficient and effective ways to create jobs. Incubators can provide financial, legal, and networking opportunities that are often the difference between failure and success for young companies.”

The New Frontiers programme helped 120 entrepreneurs in 2012 across Ireland and Enterprise Ireland announced earlier in the year that they will continue support for a further 3 years. The New Frontiers Programme is designed to facilitate high calibre candidates who posses enthusiasm, confidence and determination and who wish to commit full-time to get a business going.



For further information on the New Frontiers programme contact

Graham Royce

New Frontiers Facilitator Limerick

Phone: +353 61 208208

Direct line: +353 61 4903152

Mobile 086 839 3703

Fax: +353 61 208209




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Baby Boomers grey haired brigade are already here.

How Baby Boomers Are Turning

Their Knowledge into Profits



Graham Royce My thoughts on Richards book ” How Baby Boomers Are Turning Their Knowledge into Profits” Baby boomers are boomerprenuers

I’m not quite a baby boomer per say but I’m 61 very shortly. That puts me just outside the real baby boomers. However my friends and associates are baby boomers and does this book fit. Well it’s an interesting view on the world all of which I like and agree with. This book was pointed out by Donncha Hughes I have had the pleasure of working with Donncha and when it comes to start-ups he’s the man to talk to. However back to Richard Grehalva and his book.


The Boomers


In the first instance the boomers have had the 50’s major growth in the car industry and the Hot-rod culture became acceptable.  1 in 6 Americans were employed in the automotive industry.  The ordinary person began to have disposable income in their pockets.


During the 1960s the United States experienced its longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion in history. Whereas automobiles, chemicals, and electrically powered consumer durables were the leading sectors in the 1950s, they were supplanted by aerospace, housing, and the computer industry well into the 60’s. New ideas like Lean Start-up and other techniques began to be talked about and studied.


In the 70’s the workforce in the westernised world began to flex its mussel. The large scale mainly public owned corporate industry, Electricity coal mining began to see the havoc they could cause the might of the Unions. Come the end of the 70’s into the eighties Margaret Thatcher and here government  made up of the owners of these rebellious corporate industries decided enough was enough and she took the unions out. Was that a bad or a good thing to me bad the balance has gone.


Before the late 1990s, no one was using the phrase “business model.” Or at least, it hardly appeared in written form. The phrase has since morphed, subtly but quickly, from an abstract theoretical term to one with animate, even living connotations. This linguistic shape-shifter has the capacity to tell us something about the idiosyncrasies of business language.

Corpus linguistics—the study of large bodies of published text to find language usage patterns—has become much easier to do since Google launched its Ngram Viewer. It’s a nifty toy for analysing lots of words from lots of books. The Ngram Viewer pulls data from more than eight million books, and really flexes Google’s big data muscles. It also makes for a fantastic Tumblr project. And when you put the phrase “business model” into it, you get this result:


These are the only business models so don’t try an invent a new one it’s not possible

  • Bricks and clicks business model

Business model by which a company integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences. One example of the bricks-and-clicks model is when a chain of stores allows the user to order products online, but lets them pick up their order at a local store.

  • Collective business models

Business system, organization or association typically composed of relatively large numbers of businesses, tradespersons or professionals in the same or related fields of endeavour, which pools resources, shares information or provides other benefits for their members. For example, a science park or high-tech campus provides shared resources (e.g. cleanrooms and other lab facilities) to the firms located on its premises, and in addition seeks to create an innovation community among these firms and their employees.

  • Cutting out the middleman model

The removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: “cutting out the middleman”. Instead of going through traditional distribution channels, which had some type of intermediate (such as a distributor, wholesaler, broker, or agent), companies may now deal with every customer directly, for example via the Internet.

  • Direct sales model

Direct selling is marketing and selling products to consumers directly, away from a fixed retail location. Sales are typically made through party plan, one-to-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements. A text book definition is: “The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.

  • Distribution business models, various
  • Fee in, free out

Business model which works by charging the first client a fee for a service, while offering that service free of charge to subsequent clients.

  • Franchise

Franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain. The franchisor’s success is the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business.

  • Freemium business model

Business model that works by offering basic Web services, or a basic downloadable digital product, for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features.

Other examples of business models are:

  • Auction business model
  • All-in-one business model
  • Chemical Leasing
  • Low-cost carrier business model
  • Loyalty business models
  • Monopolistic business model
  • Multi-level marketing business model
  • Network effects business model
  • On-line auction business model
  • On-line content business model
  • Premium business model
  • Professional open-source model
  • Pyramid scheme business model (Illegal)
  • Razor and blades business model
  • Servitization of products business model
  • Subscription business model

Into 2000 and hay ho we are all making good money but we are also through those that are 55 upwards on to the scrap heap the knowledge is disappearing with the bath water. Then 2005/6 the price of Oil went through the roof and pop, the bubbles her in Ireland went with an almighty bang.

So Baby Boomers yep we have gained the knowledge and it’s time to fight back use that knowledge the Richard Grehalva talks a lot of sense. Some quotes from the book and a few of his points.



Did you know that the next business to be launched will not be from a 20-something, but more than likely it will be someone over the age of 55?


According to the research done by the Kauffman Foundation:


“In every single year from 1996 to 2007, Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 had a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than those aged 20-34.”


The Bureau of Labour Statistics data shows self-employment as an even more extreme pattern. The rate of self-employment is higher among people in their 60s than even those in their 50s, let alone those in their 20s or 30s. In fact, the bureau’s surveys of American workers reveal that people aged 65 to 69 are self-employed heads of corporations at four times the rate of people aged 25 to 34.


The Small Business Administration reports in its recently released publication Small Business Economy that, from 2000 to 2011:

- Self-employment for people under 25 dropped 9 per cent.

- For people aged 25 to 34, it fell 8 per cent.

- For people between 35 and 44, it declined 24 per cent.


Here is the big news!

The Boomerpreneur Revolution


- Self-employment for people aged 55 to 64 rose 54 per cent!

- It increased 36 per cent for those over 65.

Okay, you get the picture now. More than ever, baby boomers are becoming entrepreneurs… Boomerpreneurs.

Richards Grehalva 5 Principles of Change


Principle Number 1 - Change means — you have to take action immediately.

Now you’re saying to yourself, “d’uh,” Take action.


Principle Number 2 - Change means — you have to change

your thinking. I know you’ve heard this one before: “If we keep thinking the same

way, we will get the same results,”


Principle Number 3 - Change means – you have to change your environment.

The environment that I’m talking about is the one inside your mind.


Principle Number 4 - Change means – you have to change your focus. You know what Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple? Focus. He eliminated 350 products to focus on 10. He removed the clutter.


Principle Number 5 - Change takes time. Stick with it and each day is better than the day before.



Graham Royce


- I have begun take action.

- I have changed the way I think.

- I am changing my environment.

- I have changed my focus.

- I also accept that change takes time.

As I said at the start I am 61 I have the network of well establish business people I think I have a track record that’s worth something and I don’t charge for the help I give through the various business start-up programmes I have worked on and with since 1995.

This will change after reading this book in the near future.

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Global Technology Leaders Summit 2013

Global Technology Leaders Summit 2013

My impressions. It was a fantastic forum for those who want to take part it what is the greatest Technology Centre in the world

Investment – Technology – Leadership

Day 1

The registration took place in the Microsoft Cafe and then to the Global conferencing centre 1065 La Avenida Street Mountain View California.

After all my working life using installing swearing at Microsoft software to be at the Silicon Valley was a box ticked for me. With Microsoft whether you love it or hate to me it changed the way office worked for ever.

Networking as always took place in the usual to me anyway, egg shell fashion until the ice was well and truly broken on a discussion about The Sins of Sand Hill Road.

What is Sand Hill road you ask well its the home of Venture Capital. Its has more money than the leaves that adorn the trees that line the road.

Some venture capital and private equity firms located on Sand Hill Road include:


If you are a budding Entrepreneur you should now the above.



For many years, Sand Hill Road’s northern end terminated in the middle of Stanford Shopping Center’s parking lot, and the only four-lane segment was the section from Interstate 280 to Santa Cruz Avenue (the section where all the venture capitalists are housed). This situation resulted in two severe bottlenecks which made it difficult to travel to and from Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford University, and Menlo Park.


Extension and widening of the road was fiercely opposed by environmentalists, who were concerned about the road’s proximity to San Francisquito Creek, and by residents of Menlo Park, who feared that completion of the road would increase traffic congestion in their area due to the mid-Peninsula region’s lack of a direct north-south arterial. After three decades of lobbying, negotiation, and litigation, the road was finally completed to El Camino Real in 2001. Only the existing portion from just north of Alameda de las Pulgas to just south of Stanford Shopping Center was widened to four lanes; the new extension past the shopping center was built only as two lanes.


The bottleneck near Santa Cruz Avenue was widened in 2006 and features a 16-foot (4.9 m) high faux rock wall at the junction of Sand Hill Road and Santa Cruz Avenue. The project was delayed because the stretch of land at issue runs through Menlo Park, not Palo Alto; the city reversed its stubborn opposition to widening only after it saw how well the widening of the northern Palo Alto segment turned out.

John Stanton took the floor and introduced John Hartnett they make a great double act the Ant & Dec of the business world stealing the show with just a few short sentences. The the main man Craig Barrett Chairman of the ITLG – Former Chairman & CEO of Intel. A man who has travelled the world and managed from along side the troops, feeling and being part of the success. A powerful team that at a Thought Leadership level seem to have hands and  minds on where the future, that is the next 20 years in the technology business world is going. It will and I believe this will take over our lives as many of the films and science fiction writers have portrayed.

One more piece to set the scene for the networking ice breaker.  The Panel to me the single individuals that can make break and miss that potential Facebook Twitter or Pinterest.

The Panel Chairperson

  1. Richard Moran CEO of Accertive Solutions. Chairperson
  2. Sean Cunningham Director of Strategic Investments Intel Capital
  3. Rory O’Driscoll Partner Scale Venture Partners
  4. Cindy Padnos Founder & Managing Partner Illuminate Ventures
  5. John O’Farrell General Partner Andreessen Horowitz


Rich Moran currently serves as the CEO and Vice Chairman at Accretive Solutions, a national professional services firm with a focus on Accounting, Information Technology and Outsourcing. In his previous lives he was a Partner at Venrock, Chairman of the Board at Portal Software and a Partner at Accenture. Moran has served on the Boards of Glu Mobile Games, Winery Exchange, and Mechanics Bank among others. He currently serves on the board of PerfectForms.


In the public or not-for-profit sector he serves on The Council of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is the Chair of the Audit Committee at the Noyce Foundation, the National Board of Visitors at the Indiana University School of Education, and serves as a Regent at Saint Ignatius Prep. Moran serves also on the Accountability Structures Expert Panel for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); the policy making group that coordinates the Domain Name System and Internet Protocol addresses.

Well placed to chair the panel and ask those awkward questions

Sean Cunningham has spent over 25 years managing, investing and building companies in the high tech industry. Mr. Cunningham’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence is clearly evident in his investment strategies and company building skills.

John O’Farrell is a venture capitalist at the Silicon Valley firm Andreessen Horowitz, which he joined in June 2010 as its third general partner (after founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz). He serves on the boards of ShoeDazzle,Tiny Speck, Factual, GoodData, Solumand the Second Harvest Food Bank.


Born in Ireland, O’Farrell has held executive positions in Europe and the U.S., frequently works with portfolio companies on global expansion, partnerships and M&A, and blogs frequently on these topics.O’Farrell speaks English, German, French and Portuguese.He has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he graduated as an Arjay Miller Scholar.

Rory O’Driscoll is a founding member of Scale Venture Partners (ScaleVP) and has been an active investor at ScaleVP or its predecessor funds since 1993. His primary focus is on software companies benefiting from the move to software-as-a-service and the wider transition of enterprise computing to the cloud. He currently sits on the boards of Axcient, Box, DataSift, DocuSign, ExactTarget (ET), Livescribe, and Vantage Media.


Prior investments include Omniture (IPO:OMTR; Acq: ADBE), Net Genesis (IPO: NTGX; Acq: SPSS), ScanSafe (Acq: Cisco), Frontbridge (Acq: MSFT), Zone Labs (Acq: CHKP), Placeware (Acq: MSFT), OuterBay (Acq: HP) among others. The automation of marketing in the Internet era has been a theme of his investments from NetGenesis in the 1990′s, to Omniture in 2005, and ExactTarget today.

Cindy Padnos is founder and managing partner of Illuminate Ventures, an early stage Micro VC firm focused on cloud computing. Current investments and board seats include BrightEdge, CalmSea, Hoopla, and Xactly. Cindy has deployed over $100 million in venture funding to help dozens of start-ups reach successful outcomes including prior portfolio companies Red Aril (acq. Hearst Corporation) and WildPockets (acq. Autodesk).


Named one of the Most Influential Women in Technology (Fast Company) and one of the Most Influential Women in Business in the Bay Area (San Francisco Business Times), Cindy’s high tech career includes successful stints as a management consultant (Booz), VP of Marketing (Scopus, IPO) and founder/CEO (Vivant, acq. EVLV/ORCL).

By know you should be getting the picture a lot of Irish connection a lot of money to play with over all in the region of 2.9 billion. Enough to go around and make ;lots of investments in new start-ups you would think, well I give you the low down.

To all you budding entrepreneurs make of this what you will but remember the what I call localisation constraints on what you have to do. In Ireland if you go through the system Enterprise Ireland will partially dictate should you go down the government sponsored route. This can have a dramatic affect should you want to seek funding from American for instance. Take proper advice from those that know. ITLG being one such group. But as I discovered the Irish Diaspora are not the only Diaspora, Canadians, British, Israeli,India. It made me sit up and think we are (Ireland) not the only ones suffering.

Typically  questions went like this and I will paraphrase

  • If an Entrepreneur is over 50 would you invest in them
  • How important is the financial page of a business plan
  • would you read a business plan that had been sent in with out prior contact
  • would you invest in a company that does not have a base in Silicon Valley
  • Are revenues important.
  • How long should a business plan be.
  • How many business ideas requesting funding do you receive each year.
  • How many do you actually fund each year.
  • Are you hands on
  • Acquisition are you looking to buy the companies.

Well they were brutally honest and it made me sit up and think hold tough what’s going on. First and foremast was the banter around coming to Silicon Valley and  basically if you don’t have your management team here on a permanent basis you will not get funded. One funder will only fund if you have revenues, no revenues then don’t talk to him he wont fund. As for the financial page in a business plan or pitch they were highly amused to the point of acknowledging that that page is always 100% wrong and always will be so don’t get hung up on it. The biggest shock was the number of received request for funding to the exact number which went from 4 thousand requests to 8 funded 2 between them, am still stunned. The biggest shocker was that it is possible to get pre revenue funding from one to the tune of 4 million  for a web  site that has no signs or ways to get revenue Enterprise Ireland would love that one I would be out on my ear. As for the killer question would you fund somebody over the age of 50 not one would come out with a straight no but went round the trees with remarks like well it takes 10 to 15 years to really bring a company to fruition or yes we would if they have an in depth back ground in the area such as bio technology or science etc. Then we would fund. As for reading a business plan this would only happen if it had been given to them from what they perceive as an acceptable source. The verifiable network you have gets really important if you need serious money.

I could go on and on but I think you have a flavour of Day 1 for Day 2 go to my Silicon Valley page thanks.

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ITLG Summit

A Message from ITLG:  John Hartnett

Dear ITLG Summit Delegate,


Our Global Technology Leaders two day summit is looking fantastic and we are delighted to announce that we will host the first evening in partnership with Microsoft  at their wonderful Silicon Valley Campus, Mountain View and day two at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View.  Please click here for our full event program.


We are delighted to confirm that our Chairman, Craig Barrett, former Chairman & CEO of Intel, will launch the summit and we will have a host of technology leaders and investors from Apple, Cisco, Disney, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins and many more. Here are the event highlights:


Day 1 – May 14 – Evening: Microsoft Silicon Valley, 1065 La Avenida St, Bldg 1 Mountain View.

We will have a wonderful welcome reception at Microsoft with food and drinks, where you can mingle with Silicon Valley Technology Leaders and Investors. The highlight of our first evening will be a welcome by Dr. Craig Barrett and our Powerful Silicon Valley Investor Panel “Sins of Sand Hill Road”.


Day 2 – May 15 – Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View

We have an incredible line up of Speakers and panelists.  You will hear about the latest trends in Mobile, Cloud and Web – In addition you will hear from the “Titans of Silicon Valley” on Global Investment and Expansion – as well as from our much anticipated Female Panel of Leaders from the World of Technology and Entertainment moderated by Bloomberg West TV anchor Emily Chang.  This will be followed by a Gala Dinner and Speakers where we will recognize and award 20 Irish Technology Start-up  Finalists & the Top Silicon Valley Mobile companies. See more on our Summit here.


As you are aware the ITLG is a non-profit, and we rely heavily on the support of our members and sponsors to fund our events, and we gratefully appreciate your support.


A sincere thank you from the  ITLG Team & looking forward to seeing you next week in Silicon Valley.



John Hartnett,

President & Founder, ITLG

Global Technology Leaders Summit 2013 – Silicon Valley

Dress Code: Business Casual


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This is today with the BBC

Special Reports

Technology of business graphicThe Technology of Business

How technology is changing the corporate world

More Special Reports:

From BBC Future

Kate Russell’s (BBC CLICK Programme) weekly review of websites and apps (links to sites are at the bottom of the page).

In this “share-everything society”, every part of your life is up for capturing and publishing. RouteShoot is an app that lets you record a journey as it unfolds, including GPS data and an overlaid map.

The app is currently only available on iOS right now. It is free until 22 May 2013, so grab it quick. The makers say Android and Blackberry versions will follow soon too.

If you want an organised trip but do not want to stick to a tour guide’s schedule, is the perfect travelling companion.

Just pick a destination and tell it what kind of experience you want and the site will serve up a map with your options tagged.

Destinations can be added to your plan with a click, allowing you to build an itinerary and map or download it to take with you. You can even book your hotels and flights with one-click access through to booking sites, although you should check around other sources as well to make sure you are getting the best deal.

There are free apps on Android and iOS that add the benefits of syncing with the web app so you can download your schedule directly to your phone and carry it with you.

Next is a YouTube channel recommendation: Gav and Dan – The slow motion guys.

All the videos are shot in high definition using high-speed cinema cameras so crank it up to maximum resolution if your connection can take it.

From super slow to super small – IBM have released a movie this week that has been making headlines because it was made entirely out of single atoms.

A Boy And His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie can be seen on YouTube along with an equally fascinating “making of” film.

Webscape links


YouTube: Gav and Dan – The slow mo guys

YouTube: A Boy And His Atom – The World’s Smallest Movie

YouTube: Moving Atoms – Making The World’s Smallest Movie

I am not not responsible for the content of external sites.

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